L’Oréal Maska za suhu kosu

I know it’s been a while since i scribbled something on the blog, but hey, that’s life. Sometimes it leaves a little time for the hobbies. Especially if you have a few of them like me.

But I just had to share my recent discovery. I’ve been fighting a battle with my hair since forever. Most of the people who know me wouldn’t notice that my hair has any special problems, but I always wanted to have that soft, thick and shiny “commercial” hair. And the struggle is real.

My hair is dry as hell and I rarely could find a cheap-enough solution to give her some extra care. Mostly I am referring to conditioners.

I did have an amazing one that is not sold in my country anymore, but if you guys can find it, buy it. It is very thick, very moisturizing and your hair will smell divine days after.

It is Wella’s conditioner. I don’t know is this an old version of it so it doesn’t sell anymore everywhere, but I find only the newest products around here. No sight of this one. This is a retro babe. I found it on Amazon.

In the UK, this one sells for about 1

In the UK, this one sells for about £1

I had to mention this love of mine. But I’m of track, and today I wanted to say how I recently gave up on conditioners and moved to HAIR MASKS. They are basically a thicker conditioners. And I use them the same way I use conditioners. After shampooing my hair, I apply it, leave it on for about 3 minutes and rinse.

So I was looking for a nourishing one, possibly with herbs and oils (a.k.a. active ingredients) and I found myself a little miracle worker!

It is L’Oréal Elseve Extraordinary Oil – Nourishing Balm Mask 300 ml

Hair Mask

As you can see above, it’s thick and creamy. It smells delicious, flowery with a hint of perfume. It also has a tiny golden shimmer which I tried to photograph.

Golden Shimmer Hair Mask

Golden Shimmer Hair Mask

What bought me (and then I bought IT) was the ingredients. I was comparing the ingredients with other 3 masks that were on the shelve and this was the most promising one.

It says on the product: 6 Oil Extracts of Precious Flowers.


So which are those?

  1. Chamomila Recutita – German Chamomile Flower Extract ( hopefully extract means essential oil )
  2. Cocos Nucifera – Coconut Oil
  3. Helianthus Annus  – Sunflower Seed Oil
  4. Nelumbium Speciosum  –  Indian Lotus Flower Extract
  5. Linum Usitassimum –  Linseed / Flax Flower Extract
  6. Gardenia Tahitensis – Gardenia / Tiare Flower Extract
  7. Rosa Canina – Dog Rose Flower Extract ( similar as Rosehip )

So if you remove a Coconut Oil which is not derived from Flowers, the math stands true.

And believe me, this is a lot of good ingredients for a drugstore hair mask.

Hair Mask 2

I must praise it. Because after the first washing my hair was a lot softer and manageable than after other conditioners I’ve been using lately. I didn’t even properly blow dried it, and it was still very nourished and soft.

A+ for L’Oreal!

Have any of you guys used this mask? I want to know am I the only one who liked it so much! Write down your experiences in the comments.

Xoxo, Marina. 🙂




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