Miješanje maski za lice – multimasking trend

The word explains itself: Multimasking means you will apply different masks to different areas of your face. It all depends on your skin’s needs. This trend is perfect for anyone who has a combination skin. For example, your T-Zone ( forehead, nose, chin ) can be oily, prone to impurities, but your cheeks are dry. It means your skin lacks hydration, but you need to regulate the oil production.

If you find yourself in these words, multimasking can change your life, and your beauty routine results. Take a mask that is meant to cleanse your skin, mask for oily face and apply it to the areas that cause you trouble. Mask with salicylic acid, or green clay mask is good for problematic oily skin.

For the rest of your face use some creamy, hydrating masks. Depending on what do you want to achieve, they can be rejuvenating, anti-ageing, calming or just hydrating.

If you have a few breakouts on the area that is usually dry, take a cotton stick or a thin brush and apply a cleansing mask just on that specific spot.

Adapt the mask routine to your own needs

Adapt the mask routine to your own needs

On the photo above, I have combined two masks that I had. Purifying Mask with Marine Mineral Clay for the T-Zone, and Q10 Vitamin Mask rich in natural oils (Sesame, Almond, Wheatgerm) on the upper forehead and cheeks.

Q: How many masks should I use?

A: How many you want. You can add the third one, specialized for the eye area, or add an extra one for the neck and decollete. Every skin is a story for itself, so you have to find the brand and the mask that is perfect for you.

Also, your skin doesn’t behave the same during the seasons. It’s usually greaser in summer, and drier in winter time.

Q: How do I know what is my skin type?

A: Easy! When you wake up in the morning, is your skin shining? Does it feel greasy? If it does, you have a greasy skin (lucky for you, it means less wrinkles) If you feel your skin is very tight or even painful after you wash it, and you need to put a cream on it, you definitely lack some hydration, and have a dry skin.

Remember, there is a solution for every skin problem, and multimasking is a great way to deal with combinations.