10 Sexy Lipsticks You Need to Have in Your Collection

The Basic Shades That Are Under $15


Every girl who loves make up comes to that inevitable age where she begins wearing lipstick as a part of her daily routine. It also takes a bit of courage when it comes to bold colors. Different characters like different shades, and there are events and occasions for every lipstick color. Also, not every shade goes with your skin tone.

Check this chart to find your perfect match:

Skin tone – lipstick chart


Allow me present to you my personal collection that is more than enough to suit every occasion and any outfit. See how these drugstore beauties can inspire your lifestyle.

From nude to dark purple, 9 lipsticks and 2 lip liners tell their story

From nude to dark purple, 9 lipsticks and 2 lip liners tell their story


All I need is my Chanel dress, my Louboutins, and some red lipstick. Blake Lively


See how these 10 different shades go with a medium skin tone like mine. Here is my collection:

Your perfect shade depends on the color of your lips

Your perfect shade also depends on the color of your lips.

1. Champagne

NYX Lip Smacking Fun Colors – 590 Honey

BeFunky Collage

Oh, honey… this lipstick reminds me J.LO because she often wears shades that are lighter than her skin color. This type looks great on bronzed skin, or darker, olive skin tones. The NYX one is quite creamy, shiny, and it’s not one of the long lasting ones so I usually combine it with the NYX matte lip cream.


2. Cold Red

 Rimmel Lasting Finish 01 Rosetto 


Cold red is best for olive skin tones, but pale skin tones can find good shades too. It’s elegant, sexy, serious, with a satin finish. This one can bleed into the lip lines but a bit of a lip liner does the work and you are safe to wear it all day long with a touch up every few hours.


3. Medium Pink

Burjois Rouge Edition Velvet – 07 Nude-ist

Really velvety on the lips, seems like Burjois perfected a line of well pigmented, long-lasting matte lipsticks. This is a good one because it doesn’t dry our your lips. No lip balm necessary. It suits medium skin tones, a bit lighter than mine.


4. Light Peach

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream – Athens


This lip cream has only one flaw. The tube is too small so it runs out quickly. This is a gorgeous pale color with a hint of pink. Matte with a silky feel on the lips, it’s very easy to apply. It smells sweet, vanilla or something like that. Perfect for every day oufits. Check this look here.


5. Deep Plum

 Make Up Revolution – Atomic Shade


Very dark, a bit brownish shade perfect for some night glamorous events. Very creamy, and with a dewy finish, for this picture I applied two layers. This shade is better made with a matte or semi matte finish for a sexy, bold and glam look. Looks really sexy on dark skin tones. Check out Rihanna’s beautiful lips.


6. Orange Red

L’Oreal Intense Color Riche – 377 Perfect Red



This lipstick has the loveliest smell. It’s a bit lighter, orange red, creamy and shiny. Long-lasting as well. Ideal for light brunettes and medium skin tones. Great red for summer.

 7. Fuchsia Pink

Catrice Ultimate Shine – 210 Kiss Kiss Hibiskiss


These Catrice creamy lipsticks amaze me because I don’t expect such a creamy product to last for hours. It has a shiny finish, and it does need a lip liner to prevent bleeding. For about $4 you get solid lipstick.


8. Orange

Manhattan Perfect Creamy & Care – 34N 


A beautiful orange shade that brights up every outfit and your mood. Wearing this color makes your face younger. This one is half creamy, semi-matte and it’s really long-lasting one. Has a pleasant scent too. Great for summer looks with light eye shadows and highlighted face.


9. Perfect Red

W7 Ruby Red (not 100% positive about the shade name) 


This is my all time favorite red lipstick. I wore lipstick at work and I can definitely recommend this one when you are looking for long-lasting performance. Doesn’t bleed into the lip lines, although I tend to wear lip liner at all times.  This is one perfectly pigmented, classic red color everyone should have. Nice and creamy, doesn’t dry out your lips.


10. Lip Liners

Red – Catrice Long-lasting Waterproof (040 …and the cherry on top) 

Pink – Essence (07 cute pink)


Liners are so well made and nowadays that I and may other girls wear them as lipstick. With no lipstick added. It’s a simple solution for everyone who loves matte lips.


I use my lipsticks periodically. I used to wear red all day long, and it became a part of my personality. Like Gwen Stefani, she always wears red. Then there are periods when I don’t color my lips at all. But it’s definitely nice to have a range of quality lipsticks and some good basic shades that you can combine in your fashion styles.

ciao for now