Bojanke za odrasle

Today we talk non beauty. Working in a beauty parlor fills my days with interesting people, from whom I can always learn new things. As I was signing some sheet, my client noticed that I am left handed and asked me: “Are you a Capricorn? ”


I said “Yes”, surprised by the remark. “How did you know?” Then I was told that 80% of Capricorns (persons born between 22 December – 20 January) are left handed. When I thought about it made sense. Most of my Capricorn friends are lefties indeed. And they are creative too. That’s how I came to today’s topic. Adult coloring books!

Have you ever noticed how giving drawing tools to a child always calms and occupies them longer than giving them cartoons and Ipads? Drawing something boosts your creativity and has a relaxing effect on the body. Recently I had two 4 year old girls at work that needed amusement. They had to be calm while they waited for their mom to have a massage and I instantly thought of drawing. It worked like a charm. They were busy, but happy too.

That’s why adults can turn to drawing for a de-stress therapy. We won’t find much satisfaction in simple drawings, but turning an extreme detailed drawing into a color explosion will take time and therefore calm you. Once you get used to it, you can let you mind wonder and your hand will flow on the paper. If you are a nervous and impatient person, don’t worry, impatience will fade with practice.

Source: Taodepot

Source: Taodepot

Coloring books are amazing bonding tool. Imagine spending a Sunday afternoon coloring a beautiful mandala pattern while your child enjoys its own coloring books. You can turn this into a family hobby!

And if you are left handed like myself, and supposedly the creativity in you is innate, then this is a perfect amusement for you!

Coloring books for adults isn’t a new sensation, hundreds of people already made money on it. It has been proven this helps to reduce the levels of stress and has a positive effect on us.

There is a list of some coloring book examples for purchase on BuzzFeed.

Look at some of the examples that you can color and the photos are available for download.

Very detailed doodle can take a few days to finish.

Very detailed doodle can take a few days to finish.


Whenever you are bored, think about coloring! It will occupy you and give you a creative mission. I am so glad that this became a hit among the adults who are always so busy and serious. We need to add more color to our lives.

And it makes a funky Christmas present!


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